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    ღ - I am trying something new with my recs. I've always kind of disliked my way of posting recs, how I go for long periods without doing any, then suddenly drop a huge 30+ recs post at once. Even if not everyone has the scope of various fandoms that I do, I know I would look at posts like that and go, "....not enough time to go through all that, I'll save it for later." and leave the tab open for ages. So, in an effort to make myself post smaller, but more consistently, I am going to limit myself to no more than 15 per post, of whatever I'm doing for that day. Please bear with me for awhile since I imagine my posting will be a bit more wonky than usual for a time.
    ღ - Same warnings as before! ONE PIECE SPOILERS that probably aren't marked very well because everything is a spoiler these days, Pixiv needs an account, don't be an asshole about fanart.

    Sherlock - 1 Fanfic
    Supernatural - 1 Fanfic
    Sherlock - 1 Fanvid
    Final Fantasy XIII - 1 Fanart
    One Piece - 5 Fanart
    Pokemon - 6 Fanart

Sherlock: Less Than Clandestine by amazingly_me - Already I was in love with this ficathon, but then it went and brought me Sherlock/John fic that is on pretty much the exact level I wanted it! The prompt is rather amazing--Sherlock uses everyone's tendency to assume he and John are a couple to his advantage. For purely case-related reasons, of course.--and the fic lives up to the potential of it, all the little touches and details, all the different little moments Sherlock uses it in different cases, the way there's a reason for it, but there's obviously so much more going on underneath and all with a pitch-perfect Sherlock feel to the writing. It was all kinds of wonderful. (Sherlock/John.)

Supernatural: heaven wasn't always hell by oceansex - The thing I love about commentfics on a ficathon is that it gets me to try out new authors and fandoms I haven't touched in ages and I often find little gems that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten to read. This Castiel piece isn't one I would have set out to look for, but stumbling over it this morning on the post? Really quite a fantastic little piece. The characterization of Castiel, remembering what heaven used to be and the determination to save it and the way he looks at his job and his duty and destiny and the people on earth is all very, very lovely here. (No warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock Fanvid - Sherlock'd In His Pants - Siobhan has become my source for many Sherlock recs and this is another one she shoved at me and I was curious enough to watch. I was a little hesitant, vids set to the Jizzed In My Pants song can often fall flat, but, oh, this one was beautiful. It's a combination of really excellent clip choice (so many fit the context of the scenes so well!) and some excellent editing that really just make this one shine. The faces both Sherlock and John make in this video are amazing, the hilarity of the series is amped up even further when set to this song and just. a;ldkfjal;skj oh it was brilliant all the way around. (Some Sherlock/John.)

  - Final Fantasy XIII - [ Pixiv Account ] - Well, when I started doing FFXIII Pixiv account recs, of course this is one of the ones that I had to make sure to eventually get because the artist does these gorgeous Hope/Lightning images--Hope/Lightning with glasses and in light shirts pressed into bed together and curled up together while drinking coffee--all of which have these really fantastic shades of pink and white and peach and orange. In combination with the beautiful lineart and the soft, almost sort of glowing feel to them, the artist is seriously one of my favorites in this fandom and one of the accounts I absolutely point towards when I want to drag others into this fandom with me. I... pretty much had to hold myself back from linking to everything here because I love it all so much. ♥_♥ (Hope/Lightning.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I'm going to be at a smidge of a loss for how to explain why I enjoyed this site so much, because it's not just that there's a whole boatload of Trafalgar Law images, I don't think? My best guess is that there is some truly abso-fucking-lutely adorable Law and Bepo art, especially with Bepo as a baby cub and them sleeping on each other and just... tons and tons of art like that! Well, mostly the artist is super-focused on Trafalgar Law and I don't mind that, I find his character interesting and still a bit of a novelty, but! The Law & Bepo art! Totally stole my heart! It's very tegaki-like or oekaki-like or just little doodles, I'm not precisely sure what, but with the sheer amount of cuteness involved with cub!Bepo, I don't really care, because AHHHH MY HEARTTTTT SO CUUUUUTE. I mean, there's face squishing and Bepo's paw on Law's face and Law being a hotass in glasses and really. Sometimes that is all I need, too. (No real warnings/pairings.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I tried to resist this artist's account for awhile, since I wasn't really sure how I felt about the idea of Shanks/Mihawk. It's not as though I disliked it, but I wasn't sure I actually shipped it, not even with the offer of porn. But then Siobhan and I started talking about it, realized there was potential for hilarity in how much Shanks would annoy the hell out of Mihawk, and we talked ourselves into it. I still wavered on the artist's account, but then. 2YL Zoro, Mihawk, and Perona which was kind of ridiculously hot. And then a ridiculously awesome doujinshi sample with Shanks visiting Mihawk, with Zoro and Perona there. And then there's also Moria, Doflamingo, Mihawk, Shanks, Buggy, and Crocodile that's also ridiculously awesome and, well. I was pretty well sunk by that point. The artist is actually really good, there's a lot of sharp lines and glossy colors and the doujinshi samples make her work look beautiful (her Mihawk is really pretty hot) and, even if there's the occasional bit of trauma here, overall it was too much fun to resist recommending. P.S. Roger's crew is awesome, the end. (Some Shanks/Mihawk, some gen. Some NC-17 if you don't step carefully.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I know there are only four One Piece images on this account (at the time of this rec, of course) but I'm justifying it for two reasons--well, three, really. a) It's my site, I do want I want! b) Four illustrations is my basic requirement anyway. And c) oh, man, I am so totally in love with the colors this artist uses. They're all these really beautiful soft, pastel, bright colors and the art focuses on Luffy, Ace, and Sabo having adventures as kids or the memories they had and I am just. So very, very weak to beautifully colored art like that. Plus, they're pretty recent additions, so I'm hoping the artist will be active in the fandom for a little while longer! (No real warnings/pairings.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - This isn't a style I would want on every account I visit, but! When it's sort of a novelty? The paper doll cut-outs style, especially on Halloween art is actually really, really adorable and kind of beautiful! Those two are the only really chibi ones, but the artist has the same sense of color on her other images and I kind of wound up liking the artist's rather campy style to her art. It's different and kinda cool and really suited to Halloween and just... very novel and fun! (A little Mr. 1/Crocodile, a little Luffy/Crocodile, some gen.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - Okay, really, it took me all of one series of images to fall in love with this artist's work--an AU where Ace, Luffy, and Sabo are musicians making a CD together, including some CD cover art with the three of them in various hugging positions in dramatic fashion. I was pretty well instantly in love with the idea, even if I'm not usually that fond of band AU ideas--the cover art! So totally my thing! And there's more art in that series, but there's also a lot of in-canon art of Ace and Luffy when they were kidlets or Luffy hanging out with Ace and the other Strawhats or high school AU awesomeness. It's sort of hard to explain why this artist so captured my attention, pointing out the detail in several of the illustrations is really fantastic or I like the artist's color work or I love the AU stuff and the canon kidlet stuff or how I love Sabo being there as well, because it's more just... an overall feeling I get from the artist's work? I eat this kind of thing up, is all I can say. (This is a gen account, but if you like Ace/Luffy, you should like this)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - Every so often, I come across this style and it's kind of neat--I was on a One Piece artist's account earlier and there was a similar style of coloring, almost sepia or old-timey, though, this artist tends to use more bright colors in that style on their group images. I definitely came here for the N/Touko art originally, but I wound up staying for the group stuff instead, because the artist does some really excellent and kind of epic multi-character stuff, even if they're just sitting around with their Pokemon or just walking along together. The images all feel very warm and lovely, the kind of thing I was totally in the mood for today. (Nothing consistent enough to warn for, this is a mostly gen account.)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - I love artists like this! Where I can't decide if I like the human characters or the Pokemon themselves better when drawn here! Okay, well, that's a bit of a lie, because I will always choose beautiful shippy art (of N/Touko here) first. Not that the art of the Pokemon isn't pretty damn gorgeous, too, mind. But there's also the Pokemon girls and one more of the Pokemon girls and I... I kind of have a serious weakness for the girls of Pokemon, so when an artist clearly loves them, too? I am all over it. But I genuinely love the ton of detail in the imagines, the fantastic lineart, the soft and lovely colors, all of it is the reason why Pokemon fanart is so addicting.

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - While it wasn't necessarily the big ship I came away from the game when I played it, fandom has certainly given me an appreciation for Matsuba/Kotone because they often use pretty fall leaf patterns or simply just draw them really cutely and then, because this artist totally knew my weak points, they also drew some beautiful N/Touko art (and one more) to really seal the deal with me. Maybe not necessarily a ton of art, but what's here is cute and occasionally really lovely and totally fed my shipper squee as well as my desire for beautiful art. Again, that's all I ask sometimes. (A little Matsuba/Kotone, a little N/Touko, a little gen.)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - I found this artist because of the beautiful N/Touko image and then followed them back, as I do a lot lately, and there might not be a ton of it here, but I'm totally weak to adorable Matsuba/Kotone and Hikari being awesome and more adorable Matsuba/Kotone. Sure, I wish there were a bit more art here, but I like the clean lineart and the bright colors and the sense of fun of the images, which is one of my favorite things about the Pokemon fandom. (Some Matsuba/Kotone, some other.)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - As usual, I came to this artist's account by following a lovely N/Touko image because I have a huge crush on that pairing already (I know, I've been subtle) and I'm willing to follow around a lot of art for more of those two. I wish there'd been more traditionally finished art with this artist, because they do some really nice N art and their soft, breezy sort of style works for me, but I also don't really mind the sketches and doodles that make up a lot of their work. As long as they keep feeding my fascination for this new set of characters. :D (A little bit N/Touko, but a lot of gen, too.)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - This is another artist that I found via a cute N/Touko image and followed them back to the rest of their gallery. While there's not much more of that ship or a ton of art, I did see they also had some super cute HGSS art as well--including adorable as all get out Silver/Kotone and adorable grumpy Silver and, honestly, that's all it takes for me to enjoy an artist's work. I like the clean lines and flat-style colors, they work well for the artist's style and I just had a lot of fun here. (No real warnings/pairings.)
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