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Name:My feelings are gay fanart from pixiv.
Birthdate:May 1
Location:United States of America
Website:Fleeting Fancies

about the girl

personal journals:
  [info]beckerbell - regular journal.
  [info]crowdedthoughts - fic writing journal.
  [info]bananaramabama - swag upload journal.

about the journal

 I repeat this like a mantra: I do this because I want to, not because anyone else gets anything out of it. While it's very flattering when someone can use this journal/site, while I'm very glad when authors can get some sense of feedback out of my recs, while I love talking to people about fic, the ultimate reason I continue to recommend fic/art is that I enjoy it for its own sake. I could do this in a vacuum.

Which isn't to say that I don't appreciate getting to talk to people, meeting new fans, any of those things, because I very much do. I love getting links from people who happen to stop by or I get a little thrill at the idea that I can get more attention to the fic I liked. It keeps me positive when fandom can so often make a person bitter and ranty.

about the recs
The recs on this journal are never meant to be reviews. They may often mention when something didn't work for me or when I was lukewarm towards certain aspects, but whatever else I may say, if I mentioned it here, I liked it. One of the major differences between recs and reviews, to my mind, is that reviews should be objective, should be coherent, should be diverse. Recs are more subjective, I can flail over the one cute moment in a fic or I can keyboard mash my way through the entire rec.

As you can see, the majority of the recs for fic/art will be for anime/manga fandoms. I occasionally will get an obsession with a TV show or a book fandom (which will change often, depending on what the hot new fandom is), but I will always come back to my anime/manga love. I will also rec het, slash/yaoi, and gen pretty much whenever the hell I feel like it, but that's true of almost anyone, I don't think there are too many people left who run screaming from any straight/gay anymore?

I still still warn for as much as I can remember (death fics and graphic content are almost always warned for), but WIPs are not, it would almost never occur to me to warn for them. Pairings are always labelled (unless they would spoil a fic and then I will write "Not telling!" to give some hint), certain series/authors will get more attention than others (again, it's a personal recs journal, not a reviews journal), and none of that means anything, because personal whim depends on which way the wind is blowing for me. Not recommending a fic doesn't mean anything, just that I was busy that day and my attention span is low.

how this works
I try to keep an even balance of fic and art, even if I'm feeling one more than the other on a given day. I know fanart recs aren't for everyone, but they're tremendous fun for me! I also occasionally get into doujinshi and fanvids, but they're a much lower priority, fic and art is where the majority of my focus will lie.
Every year I try to set a new ridiculous goal for myself and every year I spend the last month and a half whining my ass off about how hard it is to catch up. I hope I do that forever.
I try to post about every other day, but sometimes it's more and sometimes I'll go a month without posting. My minimum amount of recs for a given post is 10, which is why sometimes it takes me awhile to get enough to post.
I do still update Fleeting Fancies, but I haven't announced an update in a very long time because I've never fully finished updating. It's always partial updates and I refuse to announce it until I'm completely caught up.
I like posting links to deviantART, pixiv, and tegaki art sites. NONE OF THESE ARE OKAY TO SNATCH ART FROM TO USE UNLESS YOU GET PERMISSION. I feel guilty enough already, okay?

the things that i like
I often like popular things, whether that be a new television show, manga/anime, or a pairing that gets the lion's share of a fandom. Partly this is because I like being able to play in a big fandom, but mostly it's because certain things are popular for a reason and I often share that reason.
At the same time, I have a real fondness for obscure het pairings in gay-dominated fandoms. I don't know why I swing this way, sometimes I just do. (Code Geass fandom, I am looking at you.)
I have a fondness for smaller, semi-obscure fandoms. It might just be luck of the draw (you get 250+ fandoms and you're just going to get a lot of small fandoms in there) but I do have a fondess for fandoms I feel I can "keep up with".
I tend to OTP the hell out of pairings, that's just the way I'm wired. I'll frequently "cheat", especially with fanart (as long as it's pretty, whatever!) and there will always be fandoms like Prince of Tennis where I love a lot of different things, but my heart will always belong to the OTP.
I like banter in my pairings or my gen. I like banter that's out of love, not true hate. Give me two characters who will snipe at each other but will go to the ends of the earth for each other and I'll probably love it.
I love established relationships. Whether that's just in the fic or actually married in canon, it doesn't always matter. I just like people being comfortable in their relationships.
I love a good action fight, WJ totally owns me. But I also love total shoujo sap and I always will.
I don't have the best taste all the time, but I'm okay with that. I have fun in fandom and that's more important to me. :Db
I will easily take a fic that matches my views and impressions of a series/character over a fic that's well-written but I disagree with. Having both is grand, but I go for the former first and foremost.

anything else?

 I am total crap at responding to comments. I do my best and I revel in long comment threads, but sometimes comments slip through my fingers and it's not intentional at all. If you were kind enough to comment, I promise that I appreciated it and there was no reason I didn't respond, other than that I am total balls at replying to comments consistently.

If you want to get in touch with me:
 * - contact/leave a comment! (open)
* - contact/leave a comment! (screened)
 * - fleeting fancies 

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