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    All right, seriously. The LAST fucking thing I need right now is to get distracted by Togainu no Chi/Lamento oekaki from last week. Just. STOP THAT, JAPAN. D:<
    Fruits Basket - 1 Fanfic
    Ouran Koukou Host Club - 3 Fanfics
    Gintama - 1 Doujinshi
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 4 Doujinshi
    Prince of Tennis - 2 Doujinshi
    Bleach - 6 Fanart
    D.Gray-man - 1 Fanart
    Gundam 00 - 2 Fanart
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 5 Fanart
    One Piece - 1 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss - 1 Fanart
    Tales of Vesperia - 2 Fanart
2008 GOAL: 1067/1602

Fruits Basket: Contact by shiegra - This is a short ficlet, I know. But it's that time of year. And also Yuki/Tohru/Kyou fic is all too rare, especially fic that gets up into R-rated territory, yet still keeps that sense of... not precisely innocence, but that young quality they have, where they're just starting out and learning and growing into adults. I'm not sure I would have wanted more than this. But what was here was lovely and sweet and really kind of quietly hot. <3 (Yuki/Tohru/Kyou, not quite SFW.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Brick by treeflamingo - I clicked on this story pretty much purely at random, I'd seen the link on the Host Club newsletter and thought, hm, Kyouya/Haruhi fic, what the hell. And luck was with me today because I got a really gorgeous fic out of it, one that's depressing but beautifully so, all the more powerful because the author didn't try to over sell it. Kyouya and Haruhi are simply who they are, there's a quality about this fic that is very... well, lacking in justifications for the couple, which makes the tone of the fic work that much better. There's something very sharp about this and the way the characters are written, there's a certain atmosphere to it, a certain sinking feeling the entire time you read. Which makes it difficult to read at points, but all the better written for it. I also love the way the story is framed, the use of italics in the beginning to show their thoughts around the dialogue, the way they understand each other, then contrasted against the ending where they don't, it's just. Really, really well-done, I thought. (Kyouya/Haruhi.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Breaking the News by treeflamingo - as;dlkfja;lsjk god I love Kyouya and Tamaki's friendship. Even if I do ship them, sometimes I just want them being friends as well, which made this fic suit my urge just perfectly. It's a simple concept, Kyouya has some bad news to break to Tamaki, then he has to wait through the reaction process. It's the way the writer showed Tamaki's reaction through Kyouya's much calmer and more sedate view that really made this super hilarious. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Six Days of Worry; or How Laundry Makes Everything Better by treeflamingo - And, as if the other Host Club fics weren't enough, now there's one with Mori and Haruhi? Excellent. And while I normally ship them pretty hard (and was indeed reading that into the fic, despite that the author wasn't intending it so much as leaving it up to the reader, so if you're not a fan of the pairing, this really is pure gen friendship), sometimes it's still nice to read a fic where it's not about romance, where it's just about friendship and companionship. One the neatest things about this fic was the look into Mori's head, how his friendship with Hunny works and how he sees the rest of the world and how thoughts filter through his head and how he sees Haruhi, I really liked the author's voice for him. And I adored the companionable quiet between the two of them here, it fits so well with the kind of moments they get in canon and it's just. The writing is so lovely. (This is gen, but if you like Mori/Haruhi, you should like this.)

Gintama Doujinshi (scanslated) - Ai no Jack in the Box - What I've said about Chitose Piyoko's Tenipuri doujinshi is somewhat true of her Gintama doujinshi as well--her style of art isn't going to be for everyone. I do think, though, that her art has improved tremendously since her Tenipuri days (which was solid even back then), because this doujinshi is actually really pretty. It's not that much like canon, but it's not impossible to recognize the characters, either, and there are a handful of pages or panels that really are totally gorgeous. She does a really great job blending humor (which is somewhat necessary with a Hijikata/Okita pairing, I suspect XD) and more serious (if fluffy) storylines and this was really fun! Not as sharp or direct as the original series, but it's doujinshi. You expect these things. XD Also, porn! \o/ (Hijikata/Okita, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Namimori Monogatari - *hyperventilates* OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS SO CUTE OH MY GOD I CAN HARDLY STAND HOW FUCKING CUTE IT IS!!!! ASL:DKJA:SLKJAL:KJALKJ *KEYBOARD MASHES FOR AN HOUR* I'm weak to the retardedly cute, okay? Especially when it's clean, pretty art with little chibis. Little chibis that are squirrels and wolves and, oh, god, my weakness for animal!characters got hit so very, very hard with this doujinshi. The best part is that it's a retelling of Gokudera and Tsuna's original meeting, except... forest-ified. And it's so totally great and IC and funny and SUPER FUCKING CUTE that I just-- I can't even-- I was practically gibbering from the cute by the end of this. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH. (It's sort of gen, sort of Gokudera/Tsuna.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - A Relationship of Touch - Oh, man, what I wouldn't give for this one to be scanslated, because I'm really terribly curious about what's going on. Anyway, I've generally been shying away from raw doujin lately, just because I've still got so many scanslated ones to go through first, but. But. I am weak to the Tsuna topping and I had to. It's not a perfect doujin, a lot of the pages are rough, but a lot of them are really nicely done, there are times when the artist does a good job at aiming for the original canon style with Tsuna, there are a handful of panels where Tsuna is chibi-esque in his beaming and it's SO CUTE OMG and-- I have to admit that the porn was pretty hot, too. *__* (Tsuna/Gokudera, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (raw) - Red Fraction - Another doujinshi that I probably wouldn't have checked out if it weren't Tsuna/Gokudera in that order, but I'm glad I did, because TYL Tsuna pretty much bending TYL Gokudera over his desk? Gokudera curling up on his now-giant as hell cat to sleep in the bed? The cat smacking Tsuna in the face when he tries to climb into the bed and touch Gokudera? Tsuna going into Dying Will mode to deal with it? ENTIRE WORLDS of some serious DO WANT right there. The art is probably going to be hit or miss for most people, I suspect, but I kind of liked it (well, admittedly, I'm easy) because it might not look precisely like them, but they're recognizable and the artist actually does have a lot of talent. Also, that is one seriously gorgeous as hell cover image. *__* And some of the inside art really is just amazingly detailed and beautiful--and, oh, oh that page of Tsuna in the coffin. That should not have been that beautiful. ;___;♥ (Tsuna/Gokudera, NC-17.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Doujinshi (scanslated) - Sad Colors - I somehow managed to avoid the Spanner craze that went through both fandoms (English and Japanese, that is) so I never really had the urge to pair him up with anyone and everything, but... I was curious how a doujinshika would make a pairing like Spanner/Shouichi work, especially since I have a thing for batshit pairings. And I... really liked this. It was a simple little thing, Spanner watching Shouichi while he sleeps, then his thoughts while he looks down at unconscious Tsuna, but the art was interesting (it's that really lanky, almost rough style that I've grown a taste for after being in fandom so long) and it accomplished what it was going for. I thought it was well worth the read even beyond the oddball pairing (which made sense surprisingly well here!). (Spanner/Shoucihi.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Tezuka Busoku - Okay. A couple of things are going to keep this doujinshi from appealing to everyone. First off, the first story is TOTAL CRACK. Like, it's not even pretending to be serious. It's Tezuka IN A BUNNY SUIT spying on tennis practice and running into all of the regulars having sex in the bushes. And if it had been during the day or any time but the middle of the night when I read this, I don't know if I would have been kind of totally cracking the hell up like I did in the middle of the night. The second story is about Inui giving Tezuka a special drink mix which makes him more, ah, energetic, so he and Fuji have a marathon in a deserted classroom, which is pure straight pwp. The second thing that might keep people from enjoying this one is that it's D-Amb/Chitose Piyoko and I imagine her style isn't for everyone. But I like her work and I enjoyed the hell out of this one and the total lolz it brought and the porn it gave me. So, well. XD (Tezuka/Fuji, NC-17. Background Oishi/Eiji, Momo/Ryoma, and Inui/Kaidoh, but they're not even close to the point.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - White and Black - Another D-Amb doujinshi that might not be for everyone, but. a;sldkfjalksjlkj I was kind of crying my way through this because, oh, god, I love Fuji so much. The little stress meter to show how stressed out he was, the way he lashed out when things didn't go his way, the way he calmed himself down, it was just a;sldkjas;lkja LOL FOREVER. The Tezuka/Fuji stuff was adorable (if fluffy, but not the super-sappy kind that I can't stand, just medium sappy ^_~) and there was also MomoRyo! I love Chitose Piyoko's MomoRyo SO MUCH, they're adorable around each other and such boys and still so new to this, but also really, really funny. It's a pretty straightforward concept--there's a "training camp" with the tennis team and it becomes a comedy of errors for Fuji, who totally steals absolutely every scene he's in. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji, Momo/Ryoma.)

- Bleach - [ English Fanart Site ] - This artist isn't my usual style of art that I look for, but I was browsing devART and came across Take Me Home, which hit all my Ichigo/Orihime shipper buttons like whoa, with the way he was carrying her home and the bright colors used for their hair and the way she was leaning on him and how pretty Orihime looked. I'm a sucker for my Bleach OTP, okay? But there's also the Renji/Rukia Coffee Addicted that caught my attention and the really very nicely detailed Hanging Out, all of which pulled me in in their own ways. Part of the appeal was the shipping aspect, of course, but it's also just a fun, interesting little site that was enjoyable to go through, devART always needs more of those. ♥ Plus! The artist has put all the Bleach art into one catagory and OMG I love that ability of devART's! (Some Ichigo/Orihime, some other het pairings, some gen.)

- Bleach - [ English Fanart Site ] - This is another site with not a whole lot of Bleach (Ichigo/Orihime) art but what's here is so tempting to me that I just can't resist it, because I've seen tango with me on so many favorites lists and a;sdlkfja;slkjslkj it's so awesome. It's definitely my favorite piece of this artist's, the colors that look like proper anime cel-style colorings, the looooong legs for both of them (I have a weakness for that, shut up), the gorgeous hair and clothes, the really awesome pose, it just. Makes me happy. Plus, the artist has occasionally done a few slightly between-PG13-and-a-light-R rated material (a;sdlkfjasl;kj taken over by you makes me happy, too, shut up) and so the fact that there's not a ton of art here doesn't bother me because it's all stuff I really liked. *__* There's even a Renji/Rukia dancing pic as well and what I wouldn't do for more of that kind of art. *__* (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - [ English Fanart Site ] - This one is going to be similar to the last couple of Bleach/IchiHime devART accounts I've recommended, in that there's not a ton of art here, but what there is is really cool or pretty to look at. This artist's Bleach art is slightly more varied, but Ichigo/Orihime is the most common pairing and al;skdjfalksj I really like this artist, especially stuff like Kiss in the Darkness that has such awesome coloring and such cool clothes on the characters. And I love the art for my OTP here, but there's also a series of pin-up style illustrations for several of the Bleach girls and asd;lfkjaslkjslkj excellent. (Some Ichigo/Orihime, some gen.)

- Bleach - [ English Fanart Site ] - I've seen a few of these illustrations around before (like Destiny or Ichigo Orihime) and I've been intrigued because the artist's Orihime is beautiful, all that bright hair and vivid eyes and just a;sldkjfaslkj man she is so totally my favorite character, isn't she? But it actually wasn't the IchiHime that finally got me to cave on this site, it was those and the really cool stand-alone character art--the one of Hitsugaya and the one of Gin and the one of Grimmjow are each just beautifully done, all that white and pale ice blue just lovely. But there's also a gorgeous Byakuya and a gorgeous one of the higher up Arrancar and a SUPER CUTE Ichigo/Orihime/Kon illustration and just. The combination of all of that together totally made my day. <3 (A smidge of Ichigo/Orihime, mostly gen.)

- Bleach - [ English Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this site a little bit, mostly because I was trying to limit myself with devART a little this morning and also because there wasn't a whole ton of Bleach art, but... I eventually had to cave because the artist's stand-alone character illustrations of some of the characters are really kind of fantastic. I've seen that one of Zaraki on a lot of favorites pages, but I was also really impressed with the one of Rukia, it's really lovely. It's one of those sites that is worth a look to just about everyone in the fandom, I think. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - [ English Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this artist's Bleach art, but eventually a few things won me over. There's a decent amount of art here and, the more I looked at the full views of the illustrations, the more I came to really kinda be impressed by them--like with Summer, Orihime looks beautiful in the close-up view. Or it could be something like Newlyweds where Shinji and Hiyori make one of the greatest couples ever, holy shit. And OMG there's even Byakuya and Hisana art! *___* So it's one of those where I think you need to see the images in full view and it'll grow on you until you start seeing all the cool things about this art, I was totally having fun here. ♥ (No real pairing themes, several various het pairings, though.)

- D.Gray-man - pack [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really debated on whether or not to rec the site for the DGM art, but eventually leaned in favor of doing so--although, separately from the REBORN! art, which I like more. I feel like the artist experimented more with her work with these characters, so not everything worked as well as it could have for me, but that it was really interesting to look at (which sounds like such a vague thing to say, I know, but I don't mean in a bad way or anything!) and certain illustrations really are lovely. I like her traditional styled art the best, the ones that are the cleanest and least like a semi-realistic style. But I also think the way she plays with colors and styles makes her stand out a little more, so I'm kind of up in the air about it. Though, you can tell how much she clearly likes Ravi and he gets some really especially nice artwork for him. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam 00 - Flawless [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - a;dslkfjasl;kj I was supposed to be sticking to REBORN! art sites this morning, but then I saw this really amazing-looking link to a Gundam 00 site and... asd;lfkjasl;kj I've only watched three episodes so far! I've barely been introduced to the characters, much less been able to pick out pairings that I like! B...but... really gorgeous art... I'm weak. The lines and colors are really amazing, nearly every illustration on this site is gorgeous and stunning to look at, the kind of art that could possibly sway me into liking a pairing (if I don't go there on my own) and the kind that makes me want to pick up the series again because it's just so goddamned pretty. *__* ...a-and I'm justfying this rec as a way to find G00 links again in the future when I do catch up on the series. >__> (Lockon/Tieria I think, some gen. A handful of links are NSFW, but most of it should be fine.)

- Gundam 00 - Stephanie [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not every single illustration on this site is perfect, but most of them are really solid, enough that I justified it to myself to recommend the site separately from the Tales of Vesperia art here, because I didn't want to cram all the commentary into just a single paragraph. It's not just the lines that are really pretty and solid here, it's also the anime-cel style of coloring that makes a few of the images almost look like they could very nearly pass for official art. You know. If Lockon and Tieria weren't making out in them. ....also, there's one really hot Billy/Graham fanart and I've gotten far enough into the series to know that I kind of ship them so far. Plus, also there's the occasional bit of Lockon/Tieria porn! \o/ (Lockon/Tieria I think, occasional NSFW content.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - pack [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There is not nearly as much art as I would like here (well, there are a lot of doodles and sketches, but I tended to skim over those) and normally I would have just wandered off, but this artist... there are a small handful of images that are just amazing here. There's one of Spanner, which is the first one that I clicked on, that was just so fully realized and lush in details and colors that I had to cave and rec the site. There are a few more illustrations somewhat like that--usually of Tsuna or Hibari or Spanner again--that make the site worthwhile. And, wow, what I wouldn't do for her D18 doujinshi. *__* There's not much of them on the site, but I imagine her art would be gorgeous. (Maybe some yaoi pairings, but no real themes to pin down.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] -;dlfkjaslkj this site knows all my horrible, horrible weaknesses. Hot Dino fanart with his shirt off and tattoosssssss? Dino and Hibari in the bath together with pretty coloring? Stylized chibi-esque art? Hibari in a schoolgirl outfit, looking a surprisingly normal level of pissed? Halloween Hibari with bat wings in a creepy pumpkin patch? Crazy pairing fanart with Hibari/Gokudera? as;dlfkja;lskjljsk it's like this artist is striking at every single fanart weakness I have! It's not perfect art, but it's really cute stuff and there's a lot of really pretty stuff and just... it hits the kinks that fanart has made me develop so hard. a;lsdkfjalskjs so, so much fun. *__* Especially schoolgirl!Hibari with the wind dramatically blowing clothes and hair and an arm of Kusakabes right behind him. a;sldkfja;lskjlskj I thought it was ace. XDDD (Some Dino/Hibari, some Hibari/other, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - dot.24 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think I've been here for the Tales of the Abyss art before, but it's not listed on my REBORN! art links, so I'm going to assume I skipped over it/didn't see it last time. And, well. The first page I clicked onto in the gallery were a couple of really nice Dino and/or Hibari oekaki. A little rough, but still solidly done and, well. I was pretty much gone from that point on. >__> It's never really perfect art, but the artist does some very nice stuff with slick colors and her more recent art is really, really getting there and polished lines in her group art and her D18 doujin covers are amazingly sharp and detailed. I can totally get with a lot of different styles of art (or slightly stylized art, maybe I should say?) when it has amazing lines like that. *__* ....also, Hibari in a maid's uniform looking TOTALLY BADASS? Yes plz. (Dino/Hibari.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ English Fanart Site ] - This is another one of those sites where I wasn't sure what to think of the artist's work until I started going through the REBORN! art and clicking on the images at full size, which is when I started to see the really clean, smooth, awesome lines that went into the images. The colors also got prettier and prettier, I mean asl;dkfja;lskjlakjes HBD1 is just beautiful for all the colors in it and I cannot pick a favorite character in that one, each of them looks so fantastic. And, yeah, okay, the artist also does occasional D18, so, you know, I'm weak. But even without that, the art here is fantastic, absolutely worth checking out by pretty much anyone who is a fan of the series. *___* (No real pairing themes, occasional yaoi pairings, but none that are consistent, and it's mostly gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ English Fanart Site ] - Another site that I wasn't sure what I was going to get into at first, but--! I am also weak to the CG art! Especially when the colors are so vivid, omg. And you can really see the progress in the artist from even just half a year ago and I kind of really want to see where this artist could go in another six months. It's not my usual pairings--there's a lot of Mukuro/Tsuna and a fair amount of Yamamoto/Gokudera, I'd say--but one of the really nice things is that the artist got a wide variety going, so even if those two aren't your thing, there's bound to be something else you'll like--for me, it was the D18 art that made me pretty gleeful, but the Hawaiian Xanxus/Squalo image or the Hibari standalone or the Mukuro portrait or the Halloween Mukuro/Tsuna were all seriously fantastic. I really want to see more from this artist, no matter what pairings are drawn, which I think says a lot. XD (Some Mukuro/Tsuna, some other yaoi, some gen.)

- One Piece - [ English Fanart Site ] - I actually came here to look for REBORN! art but wound up getting sucked in by the One Piece art instead and, okay, admittedly. I'm kind of a sucker for Luffy/Nami art, so I suspect this account will work best for those who are already fond of the pairing. XD But I really did like the art here, a lot of it was really kinda interesting and I liked that the artist tried out a bunch of different styles to create different effects... plus, there's an adorable little chibi Luffy/Nami illustration. Like I was resisting that. XD (Some Luffy/Nami, some gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss - armonica a bicchieri [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here in hopes of finding Vesperia art and I do like what the artist was doing here, but there just wasn't enough art to really justify a rec yet. Which is my frustration with most of what I've found in the Vesperia fandom--a handful of really good images, but not enough for a rec. But there was just enough Abyss art to justify it and it's some cute stuff. You'll have to poke around a bit to find all of it, but you won't spend an hour on the site or anything. It's very CG-style art, but I like the brightness of it, Luke especially looks very nice. And, well, okay, I may have been biased by a really lovely Natalia fanart right off the bat, but I'd totally rec the site just for that one. XD It's a nice little site, though, not a lot of art, but enough to be good for a fix this morning. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Stephanie [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asd;fljka;lskjal;skjalkjs AUGH. 1) Do you know how long it took me to find a Vesperia site that had more than three images or so on it? AGES. Despite that I've hit up the Tales of Search and everything! 2) OF COURSE IT'S WHEN I'M LOOKING FOR GUNDAM 00 ART THAT I FIND IT. *gives the hell up on Japanese Tales fandom* Okay, tantrum aside, a;lsdkfjals;kj omg this is some seriously pretty Yuri/Flynn art and it makes me pine that I can't properly play the game because I waaaaaaaaant iiiiiiiiiit. The colors of this artist are gorgeous and her lines are so smooth and clean and there's actually quite a lot of art here, not just doodles or comics, but an actually decent sized gallery proper! And, man, is this ever the kind of site that makes me remember why I love j-fanart so much. XD (Yuri/Flynn.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Hasta La Vista [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, still not having played Vesperia and still not really sure of the characters that much, I still pine to be able to play and I'm soothing myself with fanart, shut up. This site's main gallery has a decent amount of images of Yuri and Estelle, but I knew I was really going to cave on recommending the site when I started getting further into the Yuri/Duke art. But-- so pretty--! All that hair and the pretty colors the artist uses! I'm easy, okay? Shut up. But, god, the artist draws a beautiful and/or SUPER ADORABLE little chibi Duke There's even the occasional hint of porn at times! And, yup, still easy for that kind of thing. (Yuri/Duke.)

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Date: 2008-11-18 02:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh man, I've been looking forever for Tales fanart sites (because I can't read Japanese so much and I don't know how to look through Japanese art sites) and then I stumbled here, and now I officially love you for posting up your recommended sites~ <3

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Date: 2008-11-19 05:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Excellent! I am glad to be of help and to have another Tales fan around. ♥ Looking through Japanese art sites gets easier and easier the more you do it and the more you get familiarized with how they lay things out most of the time. Just wait until you start hitting up the search engines and crying because there are about 600 links to go through and you just don't have time for that.

....or possibly that's just me. >__>

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Date: 2008-11-21 12:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nanimori Monogatari - OMG OMG OMG, I totally died from the cute. Thank you so much for recc'ing it as it's my new favorite Reborn DJ.

I've read it a few times already and I still get all wibbly with happiness :)

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Date: 2008-11-25 06:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're very welcome! And a;sldkjfalskj I know exactly how you feel, I could not contain my hyperventilating over the TOTAL ADORABLE CUTE OMG. And I love it when I get to hear that I can help point out stuff like this for people, so thank you for the comment! ♥♥♥


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