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    This is only a fraction of what I wanted to accomplish! But if I look at any more fanart today, my eyes are going to rebel. orz (P.S. I am tomomichi over on Dreamwidth as well. Now if only I could get my damned entries to import, grr.)

    ARASHI - 4 Fanfics
    Kamen Rider Kabuto - 2 Fanfics
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 1 Fanfic
    Mei-chan no Shitsuji - 1 Fanfic
    Soul Eater - 1 Fanfic
    One Piece - 1 Doujinshi
    Bleach - 1 Fanart
    Final Fantasy VIII - 1 Fanart
    Final Fantasy Dissidia - 3 Fanart
    Gundam 00 - 7 Fanart
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 1 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss - 1 Fanart

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - You know. This is one of those fics where. We all know that someday Arashi are going to get older and get married and it's probably going to break our fangirl hearts, but there's one reason why it's going to (eventually) be okay! Because Sho will get to have A BABY OF HIS VERY OWN. Just THINK OF IT. HE WILL BE GOO. And this fic does a lovely job of capturing that, a slightly more sobering (or maybe bittersweet is a better word) look at Sho and his first baby girl and why it'll be okay, for him and for his fans. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Four times Jun and Ohno tried to share a hobby and one time they almost did by wingsonwords - as;ldkjfa I love certain things. I love my birthday and I love five things fics and I love Ohno/Jun and I love Aki. ALL THESE THINGS CAME TOGETHER FOR THIS FIC. ♥ I especially love the way Aki gets this pairing, the way Jun tries hard with Ohno sometimes and it doesn't quite work out the way he intends and you can just feel his frustration. Even if it results in super hilarious moments (oh my god, Aiba and Ohno and Jun as the temporary Curiosity Team, I love her so much), it's when they stop trying and find their own ways of connecting that it's the most special. I really adore this take on Ohno/Jun, especially for mixing in the rest of the band, and just. Aki gets them and I love her. ♥ (Ohno/Jun.)

ARASHI: Anniversary by Honooko - I know this was written for my birthday, thus a lot of it was likely influenced by what Ho felt my tastes were, but I still feel like this fic is kind of ~*magic*~ for the way it balances everything I personally want out of Arashi fic. The dynamic of all five of them being connected to each other? Lots of abuse of Jun's dignity at the hands of those fuckers he calls bandmates? Aiba/Jun plus Sho/Ohno/Nino threesome? Still keeping all five of them together and not just splitting off into two pairings? Ohno being an evil shit when he's not spaced out? Aiba being the biggest hornball perv ever? Nino being whiny in a way that makes you love him more? Sho at the mercy of his bandmates? All of this balanced together with porn? Yes plz. It was an entirely satsifying piece to read, the kind that just makes me wriggle happily around because it's Arashi and everything I love about those guys and how they are with each other. (Arashi/Arashi, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

ARASHI: Only the Unknown (chapter 04) by ferinough - There has been an upsurge in Sho/Nino fic in fandom lately that has really made me happy. For a long time, I wasn't sure I could ship them (versus having more fun with Nino torturing Sho rather than making out with him) but lately I've really been wanting the makeouts as well and fics like this one are a lot of the reason why. I really like this Sho perspective, it's a lot of what he is, sensible in a crazy situation and when dealing with someone like Nino, lots of little touches that are really are adorable and just. a l;sdkja Nino sneaking into Sho's bed, so cute! I just. Really like Sho and Nino like this. <3 (Sho/Nino.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Happy Summer Wedding (part 2) by Meg - ....have I not recommended this one until now? Well, a lot of that was having taken so much time off from doing recs, but. a;sdlkjalskj you have no idea how much I love this fic. As much as I loved the lolz of the first part, I think I love the balance of this one even better--Tendou's crazy versus Kagami's sanity, the best cagematch just about ever. But I also love it because it illustrates one of the best parts of their relationship--Tendou is gorgeous and you want to give him whatever he wants because you care so much about him, except Kagami actually isn't a pushover. There's a smoking makeout scene here, but even more than that, I love this chapter for how it gets to me as a fan and, even as frustrating as it is, it went exactly how it was supposed to go. It was delicious. *___* (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Sunny Side Over Easy by capncosmo - I-- I can't even-- I cannot tell you how much I love this fic or how much it makes me love Tsurugi all over again. I love that it's from Kagami's point of view, because Kagami is that character who has all these connections with people, I love that this fic touches on so many of those friendships and relationships he has with people without feeling crowded, I love that it does all of this on top of stunning characterization for everyone, especially Tsurugi and Renge. I just. Tsurugi and Renge in the same scene together, you wouldn't think fic would be able to capture all that awesome and yet this one does. And then the end is just... the perfect note to end on, given a series like Kabuto. (No warnings/pairings.)

Katekyou Hitman REBORN!: Conquest by istrill - This is a short fic again, not even 500 words, and it's not my usual style that I go for, but... idk, I kept reading somehow anyway. And I like what the author was doing, it was about imagery and impressions and description more than anything, I think, and the author created something interesting out of it. Even as Dino and Hibari tame each other in their own ways, it doesn't let go of Hibari's viciousness, which isn't always an easy thing to do. XD (Dino/Hibari.)

Mei-chan no Shitsuji: To Serve and Protect by alianora - You have no idea how much Mei-chan no Shitsuji fic I want. I want so much of it, I want pages and pages and pages of Rihito and Mei fic, fandom. This was a really nice start, though, because it's so hot without even needing to be especially graphic. The use of those skirts (which were seriously some of the hottest uniforms in any drama just about ever and seemed designed to make a person Think Certain Things) and the use of Nezu/Fujiko, the way they spin Rihito's thoughts around and how gorgeous these two are. I just. as;dlkfjaslkjfffffff I want more, okay. (Rihito/Mei, some Nezu/Fujiko. Maybe not quite SFW.)

Soul Eater: Ten out of nine times. by stitchedophelia - ..... ;____; I know that Spirit and Maka's relationship is often bittersweet or played for laughs and I understand why it turned out the way it did, but this fic didn't even need five hundred words to totally break my heart. It's not even super-angsty, it just shows Spirit's side of things and does a beautiful job of showing Maka's coldness towards him that's all the more powerful because it's not over the top. It's just how things are between them. It's sad, but it's beautifully written, one of my favorites in the fandom already. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece Doujinshi (raw) - Cap.Over - I was surprised to see this post pop up recently, but pleased because it's been awhile since I'd gone through any Luffy/Nami doujinshi and this one was a lot longer than I expected--90 pages! The art is a bit on the simple side, but the artist works well with the style and some of the panels turn out to look really nice. Any time Luffy or Nami are leaning on one or the other, any time Luffy's sleeping in her lap or Nami's plunked down into his, any time he's looking at the curve of her shoulder where the tattoo covers the scars, it's really pretty. Plus, there are occasional chibis and the the artist kept just enough of the OP style to make it fun for me. I enjoyed this a lot. <3 (Luffy/Nami.)

- Bleach - ragtimes [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the Gundam 00 art, but was curious enough about the Bleach section to start clicking on the links and asl;dkfjalskjslk Hitsugaya and Matsumoto art yessss. And I love that the artist's favorite is clearly Matsumoto and it's wonderful when the Bleach women get the focus of a site occasionally! I also love that Hitsugaya looks a little older here, still recognizably himself, but now I don't have to feel squidgy when looking at the not-quite-R-rated stuff! The artist starts out a little rough, but gets some really cool and really interesting pieces going, by the end I really thought the style was very pretty and would love to see more from them. <3 (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto.)

- Final Fantasy VIII - 32nd [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I actually came to this site for Dissidia art (which I'm going to keep separate from just the pure VIII or VII art, I think) and was surprised to find a VIII art site that I'd never seen before! A decent sized site (for the VIII fandom) with some really pretty art on it! It's a very... simple CG style and yet it's not, because the artist does really well with it. There's something really almost... peaceful about the art, the soft colors and simple, clean lines of it. You can tell the artist especially likes Squall and, well, hey, any site that likes pretty Squall art gets a thumbs up from me for that much at least. :D It's not a huge site, but it was fun to go through! (Maybe a little Squall/Seifer, but it's mostly a gen site, I'd say.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - 32nd [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm making a separate rec for the Dissidia section, since there's apparently actually a Dissidia fandom, who knew. There's not a ton here, just a handful of regular illustrations and then a handful more of comics, but. The very first illustration I clicked on with the FF male characters dressed in their female lead characters' outfits? Totally worth it right there. XD The art is really cute and the site was kinda adorable, that's all I wanted. <3 (....nothing I'd really warn for.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - Orrizonte [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know that this will be for everyone, but it only took me a couple of links into the site to really kind of fall in love with the artist's style. It helps that there's a heavy focus on the Warrior of Light and Garland, but the art for everything is really pretty. It's often sketch-like and vaguely unfinished, but that style works in favor for the artist, I like them exactly the way they are! The group illustrations are often fantastic as well, really a nice little site to have visited today. <3 (Some Garland/Warrior of Light.)

- Final Fantasy Dissidia - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I kind of sat on the fence with this site for awhile, because a lot of it is sketched out art that's not meant to be very polished and it's more cute than anything, but... there's also a lot of it and I really do kinda like the artist's style. There are occasionally some really nice images of the Warrior of Light, the artist puts in some really lovely colors to him, and then there are these mid-action illustrations that are kinda awesome. The one of the Warrior of Light versus Sephiroth kind of made me cave fully because it's such a great little image. The majority of the site is made up of little b&w doodles, but there's so much cuteness, I had to recommend it. :D (I'd say it's mostly gen, but maybe a little Firion/Warrior of Light.)

- Gundam 00 - TONZURA6 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of art here, but it kind of immediately won me over because these are the kinds of colors that I loooooooove. So pretty. They almost sort of glow just a little, they're bright and colorful without being gaudy, and just... the kind I'm weak to, shut up. :| It also helps that I haven't run across a lot of Graham sites (not that I've looked that hard) yet are balanced out with illustrations of most of the Meisters as well and, hey, Billy/Graham art! \o/ I'd mostly suggest the site for Graham fans, but it's a solid little site overall, I really enjoyed it. <3 (Maybe a smidge of Billy/Graham, but it's mostly gen.)

- Gundam 00 - TONZURA6 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I knew that as soon as I started clicking links from the previous site, I was going to end up spending the afternoon looking at Billy/Graham art instead of doing all the other stuff I was supposed to be doing. And yet I kind of cannot be bothered to care, because this site pretty much hit me just exactly right. I watched the first season torn between Billy/Graham and Billy/Sumeragi, I could probably still go either way, but when I'm hit with a site like this? With a whole lot of art on it? With art that's really nicely done, a lot of them super pretty? A site that draws pretty sketches just as easily as it draws cracked out images? I'm totally there. Seriously, that's what 00 is all about! Pretty + crack. This site excelled at both. XD (Billy/Graham, not always SFW.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....okay, I meant to spend the day doing other things. And then somehow I got onto a Setsuna/Marina site and, shut up, fandom, I like them. :| There's not a lot of art here, I almost wasn't going to recommend it just because there are only a small handful of illustrations in the main gallery, despite that they are totally freaking cute, but then. There's comics, too! And little chibi art! SUPER FREAKING CUTE chibi art! ♥ So, ultimately, this site might have been small, but it's one of those where I was happy and satisfied afterwards, which is the important thing. ♥ (Setsuna/Marina, a smidge of other various het pairings.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another one of those sites where it takes the artist awhile to get into her style, to get to the point where I was stopping to look at each image individually, but she does eventually get there. And there's some super cute stuff along the way, all romantic sappy stuff that I eat up with a pairing like this. I suspect it'll only be for those who are already fans of the pairing and those who are art junkies like me, but I really enjoyed it and would totally like to see more from this artist. *___* (Setsuna/Marina.)

- Gundam 00 - Dot. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really wish there'd been more art here, especially since this is one of the first sites I've properly seen for Allelujah/Marie, but the art is really cute and often really pretty here, so I totally had to recommend it. It's almost sort of on the simple side, the artist's style, but that's not it, so much as it's... light and airy at times. The artist does a good job of capturing the 00 style and making the characters really adorable in her comics (which is what the site is mostly made up of) and might only appeal to those who are already a fan, but. I enjoyed it a lot. <3 (Allelujah/Marie.)

- Gundam 00 - ragtimes [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Tieria/Feldt is not a pairing I would have chosen to wander onto a site for, but, well. A site with a Tiera-focus is a site with a Tieria-focus and I'm a lot more relaxed when it comes to fanart and, well. It's pretty, okay. The artist does some seriously lovely work with the pairing, there's some really lovely CG work with them, both in colors and the actual lines of the pieces, and well. Both the characters are kind of super hot, okay. And that was how I felt before I got to the Lockon/Tieria art and the couple of Allelujah/Marie illustrations. I don't know that those will be for everyone, but I thought the site was really cool and had some great art on it. All I ask out of fandom! o/ (Tieria/Feldt, some Lockon/Tieria, a smidge of Allelujah/Marie, a smidge of gen.)

- Gundam 00 - Palette [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is another one that's not perfect and there's not a ton here, but... well, it's Setsuna/Marina and I'm really weak to that pairing and it's a small fandom, so I'm going with what's out there. What I liked about this site was the way the artist put in a lot of detail into each piece, especially the characters' hair and-- al;sdkfjals;kj oh my god, there was Patrick/Kati fanart. You don't know how long I have looked for them. It's a small site, it's not perfect, but it's pretty and satisfying if you like the pairing, enough to give me my fix and add some very nice stuff to my personal collection. ♥ (Setsuna/Marina.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - phenomenon [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a bit to figure out how to properly navigate my way around this site, but it was totally worth it, because it has some really stunning art on it. *__* I originally came here for the Gundam 00 art, but there wasn't quite enough to justify a rec for it, but I'd seen the blog section and there was a really solid lineart of Gokudera and Bianchi on it, so I was curious what the rest of the KHR art would look like. I'm super, super glad to have stumbled across it because the first page of art has a bunch of Gokudera/Tsuna illustrations on it and then there's pages with a wide variety of characters and it's all this really sharp art style that's very polished and clean to look at. And, oh, man, there are certain illustrations I would recommed the site for alone (Gokudera with Uri on his head, a really gorgeous one of Yamamoto and Squalo, some amazing group images, etc.) but overall the site is a really, really good one. ♥ (A smidge of pairings like Gokudera/Tsuna, but it's mostly gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew I had to recommend this site just because I'm such a sucker for this art style. The sharp lines mixed with soft colors, I am ridiculously easy for that sort of thing and this site has a decent amount of art on it, too. It helps that I like the characters (it's focused heavily on Jade and Jade/Peony), but it's more than just that, I really am here more for the art than anything. And not that I don't love those characters, but when the artist branches out into Ion or Regret every once in a great while? They're really pretty, too. Though, it's a pairing site, but worth a trip through if you like either character, it's a lot of pretty stuff. *__* (Jade/Peony.)
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