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    ღ - I will never get tired of this Valentine's joke. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - Noooo, stop it, stop drawing chibis, they are too cute...! And this one is just mean. (Possible SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall? I'm not sure.)
    ღ - Sherlock: The Finale Tale is a really cool piece of art. (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall.)
    ღ - I rather liked this Sherlock and John and I keep thinking I should find manga-style Sherlock art weird, but then, nope!, it's pretty great.
    ღ - SHRIEK, OH MY GOD, YES. Sherlock/Professor Layton fusion, YES YES YES. I HAVE BEEN WAITING.

    Sailor Moon - 1 Fanfic
    Sherlock - 8 Fanfics
    Okami - 1 Fanart
    Sherlock - 2 Fanart

Okami, Sailor Moon, Sherlock )
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I've already talked about this a little on my regular journal, but I feel I should make a note of it here as well, just as an explanation. why I will be very inconsistent for awhile )

    DCU/Nightwing - 2 Fanfics
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 2 Fanfics
    Okami/Kingdom Hearts - 1 Fanfic
    One Piece - 1 Fanfic
    Sailor Moon - 1 Fanfic
    Skip Beat! - 1 Fanfic
    Suikoden Tierkreis - 1 Fanfic
    Tales of the Abyss - 1 Fanfic
    The Vampire Diaries - 5 Fanfics
    Okami - 1 Fanart
    Tales of Vesperia - 1 Fanart
    VOCALOID - 1 Fanart
2009 GOAL: 715 (+ 340)/1700

DCU, KH, Nightwing, Okami, OP, REBORN!, Skip Beat!, Tierkreis, TOA, TOV, TVD, VOCALOID )
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    .............. oh shit. ._____.
[about ten seconds pass while I start roaming over the page]
.............a;sldkfjalskjalksj fuck. >_<

Seriously, this is what hell looks like.
    Avatar: The Last Airbender - 3 Fanfics
    Bleach - 3 Fanfics
    Okami - 1 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss/Tales of Destiny - 1 Fanart
    Tales of Destiny - 1 Fanart
2008 GOAL: 653/1602

Avatar, Bleach, Okami, ToA, ToA )
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Notes: So, I was feeling kind of sluggish about getting back into the habit of reading fic/writing recs and then OMG YAY OKAMI WEEK I HAVE BEEN WAITING. Actually, I think it was a previous Okami week that drew me to this board in the first place, but I've been waiting for something to catch my interest. AND ALREADY IT LOOKS AWESOME.
    ARASHI - 6 Fanfics
    Bleach - 2 Fanfics
    Gundam Wing - 1 Fanfic
    Kamen Rider Kabuto - 2 Fanfics
    Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 1 Fanfic
    Prince of Tennis - 1 Fanfic
    Keroro Gunsou - 2 Fanart
    Okami/Odin Sphere - 1 Fanart
    Soul Eater - 6 Fanart

ARASHI, Bleach, GundamW, Kabuto, Keroro Gunsou, Odin Sphere, Okami, REBORN!, Soul Eater, Tenipuri )
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Notes: ....oh, my god, I love that Reborn! art meme so much. "Where do you think Gokudera lives?" is NEVER NOT FUNNY. This one is my favorite so far, though. (I've been browsing a lot of the English fanart and Jesus how is there so much incredibly hot fanart in the English fandom already? NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING.)
    Bleach - 3 Fanfics
    D.Gray-man - 2 Fanfics
    Hana Yori Dango - 2 Fanfics
    Inuyasha - 1 Fanfic
    Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - 3 Fanfics
    Odin Sphere - 12 Fanfics
    Shin Seiki Evangelion - 1 Fanfic
    Tales of the Abyss - 1 Fanfic
    Code Geass/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - 1 Fanart
    D.Gray-man - 1 Fanart
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - 2 Fanart
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/Fate/Stay Night - 1 Fanart
    Odin Sphere - 8 Fanart
    Odin Sphere/Final Fantasy VII - 1 Fanart
    Sailor Moon - 3 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss - 1 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss/Okami - 1 Fanart

Bleach, CG, DGM, Eva, FFVII, FSN, Hanadan, Higurashi, IY, Odin Sphere, Okami, Reborn!, SM, ToA )
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Notes: Including today's post, I have done 774 for the year. This is just barely over halfway through my goal. ....I fail so hard. orz (I would have to do approximately 14 recs every day for the rest of the year to get there. I suspect that will not happen. XD)
    Bleach - 5 Fanfics
    Bleach - 1 Fanart
    Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - 1 Fanart
    Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Okami - 1 Fanart
    Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - 1 Fanart
    Odin Sphere - 2 Fanart
    Okami - 1 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss - 6 Fanart

Bleach, Harutoki, Okami, Odin Sphere, Reborn!, Tales of the Abyss )

NEW GOAL: 774/1500
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Notes: S-so. I read four volumes of Reborn! last night (I'm usually lucky to get two volumes in a night, I have a terrible time with scans) and the last time I read that much manga in one sitting was when I inhaled MONSTER in two and a half days. I-- Oh my god yes this series is so hot. *___*
    ARASHI - 3 Fanfics
    Bleach - 1 Fanfic
    Gokusen - 1 Fanfic
    Xiaolin Showdown - 1 Fanfic
    Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 1 Fanfic
    Bleach - 2 Fanart
    Bleach/Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - 1 Fanart
    Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - 1 Fanart
    Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - 2 Fanart
    Odin Sphere - 1 Fanart
    Okami/Odin Sphere - 1 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss - 5 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss/Howl's Moving Castle - 1 Fanart

ARASHI, Bleach, Gokusen, Harutoki, HMC, Odin Sphere, Okami, Reborn!, Tales of the Abyss, Xiaolin Showdown, Yamatarou )

NEW GOAL: 756/1500
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Notes: As you can see, my Okami fascination continues. And, remember, there are likely be SPOILERS for the end of the game on the pages and probably in the recs themselves.
    Arashi - 2 Fanfics
    Avatar - 1 Fanfic
    Cardcaptor Sakura - 1 Fanfic
    D.Gray-man - 1 Fanfic
    Saiunkoku Monogatari - 1 Fanfic
    Spirited Away - 1 Fanfic
    Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu - 1 Fanvid
    Okami - 6 Fanart

Arashi, Avatar, CCS, DGM, JungleGuu, Okami, SaiMono, Spirited Away )

NEW GOAL: 515/1500
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Notes: Having finished Okami, as you can see, I desperately needed fanart. Lots and lots and lots of fanart. *__* As a warning, there will frequently be SPOILERS for the end of the game in these sites, so I'd advise waiting until you'd seen the end of the game before you went looking.
    Gravitation - 1 Fanfic
    Hana Yori Dango - 2 Fanfics
    Naruto - 1 Fanfic
    Arashi - 3 Fanvids
    Supernatural - 1 Fanvid
    Arashi - 2 Fanart
    Harry Potter - 1 Fanart
    Howl's Moving Castle - 2 Fanart
    Okami - 7 Fanart
    Okami/Howl's Moving Castle - 1 Fanart
    Okami/Prince of Tennis - 1 Fanart

Arashi, Gravitation, Hanadan, Naruto, HP, HMC, Okami, Tenipuri )

NEW GOAL: 501/1500


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