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    ღ - I very nearly titled this post YUP IT'S A SHERLOCK POST because, oh shit it's going to be all Sherlock all the time with me for a bit here, but I eventually restrained myself.
    ღ - I am being vigilant about Sherlock spoilers, since I didn't want it spoiled for me, I certainly don't want to spoil it for others! But exercise caution, as there will be spoilery recs mixed in here.
    ღ - The Amazing Spider-Man trailer is out and I think I'm cautiously optimistic about the movie! Certainly, I liked the special effects and the humor mixed with the drama so far. July 3rd seems so very far away, though. ;__;
    ღ - This will come up in a fanart rec on this post later, but I wanted to link to this tumblr post (SPOILERS for The Reichenbach Fall) because it's a gorgeously done photo set and gave me a lot of feelings.
    ღ - Another piece of Sherlock fanart (SPOILERS for the second season finale again!) and, oh, my heart.

    Sherlock - 2 Fanfics
    Sherlock Holmes - 2 Fanfics
    Sherlock - 1 Fanart
    Sherlock - 3 Fanvids

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→ fandomsecrets:
    » "[Gambit/Rogue] are my only OTP and they always will be!" - I have nothing to add to this, really, but neither do most of the comments, it's just a love-fest for the ship. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE OTP. Especially if Carey writes them forever. ♥
    » "I think Joss Whedon proves that men just can't be feminists." - Plus the comments on the secret, which are (as expected) long and plentiful. I don't agree with the blanket statement that all men can't be feminists, but I do agree that I don't think Joss Whedon is a great example of it. One of the first comments is to this post on Firefly and I don't go to quite the same level of horror as the OP there and don't have nearly the same baggage/anger she does, I agree with some of it and the problems it brings up with Firefly. Because it's such an angry extreme analyzation of Firefly (though, a very thorough one and the poster clearly did her research), and while I can't say I agree with it, but the mocking of it on fandomsecrets? *brr* Okay, swinging back to being creeped right the fuck out by a lot of these people. However? Worth it for the comment on Whedon's "well-intentioned but extremely flawed feminism" that says: he's trying so hard, like a turtle running into a screen door but pushing on so determinedly and there's a cat inside watching him angrily because he's doing it wrong. the cat is feminism Lolling pretty much forever. (The later comments on the secret itself are much more reasonable and remind me, oh, thank christ, I don't have to carpetbomb all of fandom and start from scratch.)
    » "I liked [Takumi from NANA] better than Nobu and I don't think he's a bad person. Try expressing that in NANA fandom." - IT WAS LIKE I WROTE THIS SECRET IN MY SLEEP. ;___; Reading through the comments on the secret, there's more support for this opinion than I thought there would be. I especially liked the point about how Takumi sees Hachi for who she really is and it's not necessarily a perfect match, but at least it's something real. But, man, every time the topic of Takumi comes up, I just want to rage about how he's a 23 year old dude who's basically had to be the only one with his shit together in that band of his (because, seriously, YOU try dealing with Reira and Ren's total fucked up personalities and trying to keep their shit together along with your own at twenty-three), even if that doesn't excuse that, yeah, sometimes he's a total bastard. Not to mention, he actually gets Hachi to grow up in a lot of ways that other characters wouldn't. And Aizawa doesn't flinch away from the darker sides of Takumi, they're absolutely intended, and I think that makes him one of the most interesting characters in the manga. And the rest of the haters can Suck It/Exit Stage Left. :|
    » "FINALLY OMG! [discovers het_reccers]" - I am really glad to see more people discovering the comm, especially since it's (as the secret says) so well organized and active. I've been watching it for a few weeks now and it really is all kinds of fabulous.

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→ Usual warnings: You need an account for pixiv, you don't need one for devART/tegaki. DON'T TAKE THE ART WITHOUT PERMISSION. Save me, plz. Crapload of links here, so it make take a moment to load.
→ fandomsecrets:
    » "[Arthur/Morgana] Whenever two characters have massive UST, then the writers ignore it for other pairings, I believe it was resolved offscreen." - I WISH TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS NEWSLETTER. Also, I suspect that's a large part of the reason I haven't watched s2--NEEDS MOAR ARTHUR/MORGANA. >:|
    » "I ship [Hope/Lightning], too, and I think if the genders were reversed no one would have a problem with it" - I'm kind of on the fence about this one. I mean, obviously I agree that I ship it hardcore, but I'm torn on whether it would be more "acceptible" if the ages were reversed. I think some people would be suddenly fine with it and I think other people would be suddenly REALLY NOT OKAY with it. Also, I think I'd like to make it clear that I ship it IN THE FUTURE, WHEN HOPE IS OLDER. Right now, I don't think Lightning would think of him that way at all.
    » "I got into Marvel for the slash. I never realized I was in the minority" - Has this person MET fandom? Well, LJ-based fandom. I'll grant that message boards and news sites aren't geared towards slash. Also, some of the comments kind of drive me nuts because I really wonder if a lot of them have ever even read any of the characters (especially Cable) before they read C&D. (Why I read these things, idek. I know they're going to make me twitch, yet I do it anyway!)

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