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    ღ - I've been keeping an eye on tumblr for awhile, since it seemed like a really excellent way to do picspams and promotion of things I enjoyed and well. I apparently thought tumblr was SO AWESOME that I went and started four new projects. This shouldn't backfire on me at all! But! It's a way to promote things I love! I'm on Pixiv all the time anyway! .... orz (I dunno how active other people are on tumblr, but I'm going to assume these are probably above average activity?)
        → girlsbydaylight @tumblr - The primary reason I wanted a tumblr, so I could picspam RukiHime because Bleach fandom doesn't cater to my whims often enough! And then it turned into Shoujo Kakumei Utena picspam! And I pretty much plan to spend all of February geeking the hell out over Sailor Moon! Basically, female characters and the relationships between them is something I really wanted to spend more time with and, well, here I went.
        → lovebymoonlight @tumblr - But I love het ships, too! Where else am I going to go on and on about my love of Mamoru/Usagi or Asch/Natalia or ALL OF ODIN SPHERE or Vejiita/Bulma or Luffy/Nami? This is where all that energy is going to go, too.
        → sunshinebright @tumblr - I was just going to go with the first two. But then I realized, oh, shit, how much do I love Green/Red? A LOT, THAT'S HOW MUCH. And Dino/Hibari! And a lot of other slash ships, but. Well. Green/Red is one of those hardcore otps.
        → pixivaddiction @tumblr - ....raging pixiv addictions are hard, you guys. Especially when you browse the daily ranking pages and you're a fannish magpie like me. :<
    ღ - In addition to that! Between Porn Battle XI going on and having just watched the first three episodes of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, it is going to be a miracle if I get anything else done this week.

    Bleach - 3 Fanart
    Final Fantasy XIII - 1 Fanart
    Gundam Wing - 2 Fanart
    Pokemon - 3 Fanart
    Sailor Moon - 1 Fanart
    Tales of the Abyss - 5 Fanart

  - Bleach - [ deviantART Account ] - I'm not sure if I've recommended this artist before or not, but well. It's my site and all that. Also, even if I have, it's worth a re-rec because the artist has been pretty active lately and has turned into one of my favorite artists in the fandom! I adore the art because she focuses on IchiHime, of course, but also just that her colors are kind of stunning in how glossy and shiny and utterly vivid they are! Her colors on Orihime are amazing, the way everything practically glows, the sharp and fine detail, all of it! I love her Orihime art all by itself, but! Her Ichigo/Orihime art (ice skating! Orihime with bunny ears on her coat! Ichigo's jacket! the hand on her hip! asl;dfkjalskj dyyyyying at the cute!) or her Kurosaki family portrait (omg the little girl swinging between their arms! the baby in striped pjs! the amazing clothes!) and Ichigo with the baby on his chest while they sleep and Orihime tucks them in! asd;lkfjalskjl oh my god it's like this artist hit every single weak point she could find with me! Gorgeous art and cute clothes and amazing colors and my ship of choice and babies? IT WAS MADE JUST FOR MEEEEEE--!!, that was a terrible rec. That's what completely squeeful artists do to me, though. orz P.S. Aizen/Orihime? Homg do want. (Ichigo/Orihime, some other, some gen.)

  - Bleach - COLOR [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Since I discovered Pixiv and got sucked back into devART, I haven't been visiting a lot of fanart sites proper, but, well. For Ichigo/Orihime, I will still occasionally wander back and I don't think I've recommended this site before? At the very least, it's not on my list as far as I can tell. And it's one of those artists that just won me over somehow and I'm not really quite sure I can put into words why, aside from it being my favorite ship. I think a lot of it is that the artist is really good at drawing the kind of things I'm looking for in fanart--epic rescues or piggyback rides or adorable kisses or tripping over each other in the snow--I love the squeeful stuff the best. ♥ But part of it is also seeing the progress the artist has made over time and being delighted when they really put their effort into that one image that really just hits me. It's all worth it then. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime.)

  - Bleach - [ Tegaki Account ] - I'm not sure if I've stumbled over this artist before or not? I can't find the account listed on my recs and, well, it's HitsuMatsu. I have totally missed them! And I really enjoyed this artist's take on them--it's a tegaki account, so it's that style of art, of course, but this artist is definitely one of the better ones on the site. I really enjoy the mix of humor (because her awesome rack or his annoyed faces are never not an amazing combination) and genuinely sweet moments (like a soft kiss while she's in the bath or a happy embrace with an older-looking Hitsugaya or really adorable clothes and paint splashes on the both of them or, hell yes, I love wedding art!!) and how much fun this artist clearly had with the characters. I especially appreciated that there was a fair amount of older Hitsugaya (since that's how I picture it when I ship ship them) and also some totally cute chibis. And snuggling in pjs will always win me over. It totally made me remember why I love this ship so much. ♥ (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto.)

  - Final Fantasy XIII - [ Pixiv Account ] - I don't even remember what I was looking for this morning (probably DFF art?) but then I stumbled over this artist and I've been excited about the FFXIII-2 announcement and it was some good timing for me. The artist is very fond of Vanille in particular, but I also stuck around for the occasional Hope/Lightning piece or the adorable Vanille and Sazh image. There's not much more than a dozen or so images here, but I really enjoy the artist's warm, peach-like colors on all the characters (which fit especially well with Vanille) and it was a nice treat today. (Mostly gen, a smidge of Hope/Lightning.)

  - Gundam Wing - [ Pixiv Account ] - Every time I think, surely, I must have exhausted at least the Heero/Duo stash of art on Pixiv, I seem to find another account where there's a handful more that I really enjoy! Not that I'm complaining, mind. (To be fair, this artist is also really new to the site at the time of the rec.) And I also like that it's not just 1x2, there's also some lovely Wufei art and a beautiful Quatre piece. But, yeah. I'm totally here for the amazingly pretty Heero/Duo b&w art and a little NSFW Duo art. I'm kind of in love with the artist's contrasts and Duo's hairrrrrrr omg and while I'd love to see more color art from them (because omg SO PRETTY), I'm really not complaining when their b&w art is so amazingly fantastic. This is why I still love this fandom. ♥ (Heero/Duo, a bit of gen.)

  - Gundam Wing - [ Pixiv Account ] - Okay, I know there are only three images here (well, technically four since one image was tweaked to be submitted twice) but whatever, you guys. Those three images are gorgeous! A gorgeous group picture of all the pilots holding hands that has them in suits! The details and colors look amazing in full view! I can't decide who I think is the hottest! And then there's really nicely done Heero art and I love the vivid, bright colors of it that practically glow! But. But. My favorite is totally the Heero/Duo hug that's gorgeously drawn. The artist's colors and fantastic lineart strength make this an amazing piece and a;sldkfjalksj shit I am in love with this fandom all over again. (One Heero/Duo image, but the rest are gen.)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - So, I've been on Pixiv a lot again lately. And I'm attempting to catch up on some of the Green/Red art that's been posted lately. Which led me to this artist and I was kind of really charmed by their stuff, especially when the artist has Christmas cuteness or has Green in glasses or when Red watches Green sleep or when Green watches Red sleep and drools on himself a little, which are all delightfully fun. I like the clean, almost shiny lines and colors the artist uses, it gives everything a fresh feeling and I enjoy the little details she often puts into her work--seeing them wearing color-coded earrings (each with the other's color) is just one of those neat little things that I almost didn't notice, but is a common thread among her art. I love stuff like that. :D (Green/Red.)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixiv Account ] - I didn't really intend to get sucked back into the Pokemon corner of Pixiv, but I wanted to get another page or two into the Green/Red tag and then suddenly I found myself at this artist's account and really enjoying their art, I mean, there are cute multiple versions of Green/Red as their various incarnations/designs, there are kind of really pretty animal ears on Green and Red and more of animal eared Green pouncing on Red and then. Then I got to this multiple image submission that had some really beautiful images of Green and Red both and I was just totally gone on this artist. I am very weak to their manga-like style (or maybe doujin-like style? it's a fine line sometimes) and the warm, earthy tones in airbrushed colors, it all works really beautifully together. ♥ (Green/Red.)

  - Pokemon - [ Pixic Account ] - This was an interesting site, it almost had a sort of... 90s-esque feel to it? But, then, that's the way I feel about the PokeSP manga often times, too. And I enjoyed all the Green and Green/Red art a lot, but it was this series of images that kind of really won me over completely. It's several of the Pokemon characters (including N from BW! which definitely made me happy :D) including some really pretty ones of Kasumi and some very nice ones of Red. And, of course, the real reason I fall in love with most Pokemon artists--some very nicely done Green art. 'Cause, yeah, I'm always going to be weak to epic Green art with his badass Pokemon. :D (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

  - Sailor Moon - [ Tegaki Account ] - I was browsing around tegaki today and just happened to stumble over this artist's account and, granted, there's not a ton of art here, but I was quickly won over by their beautiful Uranus/Neptune art, followed back to the rest of the gallery, and saw another beautiful image of Black Lady and then a gorgeous Jupiter image and was totally won over. (And then one more of Makoto that's just as stunning, wow.) There's probably only about seven images in total here, but that's enough for me to justify a recommendation, especially when the artist is really amazing and one of the best tegaki artists I've seen. *___* (Nothing I'd warn for.)

  - Tales of the Abyss - [ Tegaki Account ] - I stumbled across this artist for the other series, but wound up staying for the Tales of the Abyss art, surprisingly enough. What really won me over was the Luke/Tear wedding image that trailed off with multiple responses from the artist to tell a whole mini-comic and the format of the site was used really well. The artist's style is light and airy on the images there and it was a lovely comic by itself, but! Then! Asch/Natalia! Oh, my heart. The artist further got me with more pretty Natalia art and pretty Tear art and adorable Luke and Tear as student and teacher in another multi-panel comic. You have to hunt a bit for the TOA images and there's not a ton here, but it was a satisfying, charming account to come across today. (Luke/Tear, some Asch/Natalia.)

  - Tales of the Abyss - [ Tegaki Account ] - I have a feeling I've probably seen this artist's work before, it feels familiar to me, even though I can't find the tegaki account on my list of recs. Possibly I recommended their site? Possibly I just visited the tegaki account but didn't recommend it? Either way, I'm taking the time to do it now because this artist is totally delightful! I love when tegaki artists use all these vivid colors in their art, so it looks like there are a bunch of different highlights in each image, especially when it comes to the Anise, Ion, Arietta, Sync, Florian set of characters, who work well with the almost pastel colors here. I really couldn't pick a favorite character here, every time I just about settle on Anise and Ion, then I'll really enjoy the artist's take on Arietta and then there'll be Ion, Sync, and the others that's really nicely done and then-- well, you get the idea. It's a really kind of fun little account, made all the more fun by the cute doodle responses the artist does on most of the submissions, that was a treat to come across again tonight. Plus, this one of Natalia with bonus Asch in the responses, is delightful. (A little Ion/Anise, Ion/Arietta, but mostly gen, I'd say.)

  - Tales of the Abyss - [ Tegaki Account ] - I sort of sat on the fence with this account for awhile (as I often do with tegaki accounts), but eventually I was won over the usual way I'm won over--by a bunch of cute fanart for my otp! It started with the cute Christmas art with Asch and Natalia in cute clothes and then it was pretty Natalia art with that blue dress I like so much and then cute art of Luke and Tear in wintery school uniforms and I have a fondness for Luke and Natalia and Asch and Natalia (and everyone else in the responses) in period clothes. And that's a lot of what this site is, a lot of rather cute tegaki art with cute concepts (like Natalia with longer hair or more cute art of the TOA girls in Halloween costumes and some adorable responses and, of course, more cute Asch/Natalia. I have my priorities. :| The artist definitely has her moments and I think a lot of my enjoyment came from the ship delightfulness here, but I genuinely liked it just as a TOA art site, too, like with the occasional group image that's very nicely done. This is one of those artist that reminds me of why I really do love this fandom. ♥ (Asch/Natalia, Luke/Tear, some gen.)

  - Tales of the Abyss - [ Tegaki Account ] - After the last few TOA accounts I've been on, it did not take me long at all to be in the mood for more art for this game. And then this artist hit me up with more Asch/Natalia art that had these really bright, vivid colors that I was weak to. Then there was Luke with his longer hair and a lovely hug with Guy and Luke and more pretty Natalia art and Guy, Natalia, and Luke and some really lovely art of Guy reading in a window and Asch and Natalia in formal royal wear as he kneels and holds her hand and, yeah, I was pretty well gone after that. I really enjoy the bright, vivid colors and I'm very fond of the tegaki style at this point, so this artist really works for me. The artist is really good at putting in detail into the images and some of the backgrounds look amazing and the clothes look fantastic and you can tell this artist has a lot of talent. I would really love to see more from them in this fandom. <3 (Some Asch/Natalia, some possible Guy/Luke, but a lot of gen, too.)

  - Tales of the Abyss - [ Tegaki Account ] - I was originally pulled into this artist for their cute Luke/Tear art, but it wasn't until I started poking around the main gallery and stumbled over a really lovely Anise piece where she looks so melancholy that I fell for the artist. But it was also Suzanne with Asch and Luke that really sent me over the edge because asld;kfjasl;kj way to appeal to my heart, fandom! There's also some pretty Tear art and Natalia helping Anise with her makeup and the Jade/Anise in the comments is surprisingly cute to me, considering I usually shy away from it and even some very nicely done Guy art. I enjoy a good tegaki artist who varies their submissions like this, so even if I'm shying away from a lot of the Jade/Anise, I can still be here for the gen aspect of the art, I can still enjoy the character portraits or the fun group stuff. I love when an artist can make me feel that way. <3 (Some Jade/Anise, some Luke/Tear, a good chunk of gen.)


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